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A charitable organization wants to design a special ATM machine to be used by needy people.

The association supplies the needy person with a pin number to be able to use the ATM machine.

He/she can then retrieve up to $150 per day depending on his/her needs (if possible less than $150 as contracted with the association which will penalize in case of misuse). The total daily balance of the machine is $2000.

When this amount is used nobody can retrieve anything further.

The person in charge of checking the balance, filling the machine and shutting down the machine (by pressing -1) has pin code 111.

Implement a program for this machine. Your program must start by displaying a main menu as follows:


1- Retrieve money
2- Check Ba lance

Enter your choice:

When the user chooses menu item 1:

o he will be asked to enter his pin code and the code will be validated

o a valid pin code must be between 3000 - 10000 and should be divisible by 2

o If the pin is valid the user specifies the amount to retrieve which should be less than or equal to $150

o The amount must be retrieved from the total ATM balance

o The amount must be smaller or equal to the ATM balance else indicate that there is not enough money

o Let the program display the dollar amount as bills and coins
o The charitable association wants to have as many high denomination bills and coins as possible. The highest denomination bill that they would receive is a $20 bill and they will not receive any half dollar coins

For example, $62.30 would be split into 3-$20 bills, 0-$10 dollar bills, 0-$5 bills, 2-$1 bills, 1-quarters, 0 dimes, 1-nickels and 0-pennies. It would NOT be 0-$20 b ills, 6-$10 bills, 0-$5 bills, 2-$1 bills, 0-quarters, 3-dimes, 0-nickels and 0-pennies

Note that 1 quarter = $0.25
1 dime = $0.1
1 nickel = $0.05
1 penny = $0.01

o If the pin code was not valid display an error message
o After displaying the result the user must enter 0 to return to the main menu after clearing the screen
o Make sure to validate all your input and guide the user to enter correct values

When the user chooses menu item 2:

o he will be asked to enter his pin code

o If the pin code is 111 the balance is displayed else an error message is displayed

o After displaying the balance, the user must enter -1 to shutdown the machine or 0 to go back to the main menu after clearing the screen

o Make sure to validate all your input and guide the user to enter correct values

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