Design a simple concrete mixture

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Design a simple concrete mixture. Mix it and pour some test cylinders for several water cement ratios. Cure and test the cylinders. Plot a graph of concrete strength versus water cement ratio.

Reference no: EM131180240

Calculate the time of flight of the bolt

Calculate the time of flight of the bolt from the ceiling tothe floor. Assume that the elevator continues its upward acceleration. (Use a frame reference fixed with respect to

Calculate the braking distance if only the front brakes work

An automobile traveling at 30 miles per hour on level pavement with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.6.  Weighs 3,000 lb.  Sixty percent of its weight is on the front ax

Determine the speed of the block after it has compressed the

A 20 kg block slides along the rough surface for which the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.2. The block strikes a nonlinear spring with a speed of v=4.5 m/s. The spring i

Determine what is the braking efficiency on a road

A car is traveling up a 3% grade on a road that has good, wet pavement. The engine is running at 2500 rpm. The radius of the wheels is 15 inches, the driveline slipage is 3%

What is the highest possible design speed for the curve

design a horizontal curve for a two lane road. The road has 12 ft. lanes. Due to expensive excavation, it was determined that a maximum of 34 ft. can be cleared from the roa

Determine the volume fraction of fibers that will required

Using the data provided, determine the volume fraction of fibers that will be required. What will be the tensile strength of this composite? Assume that the matrix stress at f

Design the appropriate reinforced concrete footing on a soil

A combined footing is subjected to an exterior 16 in. x 16 in. column abutting the property line carrying a total service load Pw = 300,000 lb and an interior column 20 in.

Determine the depth after the jump with a mild slope

A hydraulic jump is observed to occur in a channel with a mild slope at a flow rate of 20cfs/ft. If the depth before the jump is 1 ft, determine the depth after the jump.


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