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Part 1: Design a greedy algorithm using pseudocode that solves this optimization problem of transferring files to disk while minimizing unused storage. The inputs to this algorithm are the number of files n, corresponding sizes (in MBs) s1, ... sn, m the number of disks, and corresponding storages amounts t1, ..., tm. The algorithm should return an array map[i] which contains the disk index of which the ith media file should be stored.

Comment your pseudocode for increased readability.

Part 2: Discuss the optimality of your algorithm. Is it guaranteed to return an optimal result? What is the Big-O time complexity of this algorithm in terms of m and n? Justify your answer.

Part 3: If you were to solve this problem using a brute force or exhaustive search method, what would be the time complexity? Justify your response.

Reference no: EM131195246

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