Design a flow chart of an organization of your choice
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Flow Charts

• Design a flow chart of an organization of your choice

• The organization cannot be a restaurant or a fast-food restaurant

• Explain in detail each step (procedure) with positive or negative outcomes to final processes in the flow chart


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Here in this report we are going to discuss about flow chart of final processes in Microsoft Organization. Microsoft is a large and well-known business organization foreffective and significant software solutions. Windows is the most powerful and highly used operating system in computers and it is developed by Microsoft.

Flow chart of a business organization provides information about flow of business activities in organization at different levels and by whom these activities are performed and how all processes are managed. Our flow chart represents the overall work flow structure of Microsoft Company.

To understand the actual flow of business organization it is necessary to analyze flow of working activities. In next segment of this report we will discuss each and every step of work flow chart of this organization.

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