Design a class named triangle to represent a triangle
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1 Classes and Objects
Build the specified Classes.

Triangle Class
Design a class named Triangle to represent a Triangle. The class should contain:

- Three double data fields named S1, S2 , and S3 that specify the three sides of the triangle.
- A static data field which counts the number of triangles created.
- A constructor which creates the triangle.
- The accessor and mutator methods for all data fields.
- A getArea method.
- A getPerimeter method.
- A getHeight method.
- A isEquilateral method.

Stock Class
Design a class named Stock to represent a trading equity. The class should contain:
- A String data field named symbol which contains the Stock's 3-letter symbol.
- A String data field named name which contains the name of the company associ- ated with the Stock.
- A double data field named previous which contains the Stock's previous closing price.
- A double data field named current which contains the Stock's current price.
- A constructor which creates the Stock utilizing the symbol and name only.
- The accessor and mutator methods for all data fields.
- A method that returns the percent of change from the previous price and the current price.

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