Describing a collective bargaining situation

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Locate an article describing a collective bargaining situation that has arisen within the past two years. This article should be from a newspaper, an academic journal, or a credible online news source. Use a minimum of two additional references to support your discussion and to respond to the questions in the assignment.

a. Using APA guidelines, state the proper citation for the article.

b. State the nature of the collective bargaining dispute.

c. What are the underlying causes of the dispute?

d. What economic or ethical pressures has each side attempted to use to prevail in the dispute?

e. If there is any evidence of any illegal or unethical conduct on either side, describe it in detail.

f. Was the dispute resolved? If so, how?

g. What, if any, role was played by third parties in resolving this bargaining dispute? What was the identity of the third party?

h. In retrospect, could this dispute have been resolved in a more constructive fashion? If so, how?

Reference no: EM131077030

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