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1. Which of the following concept best describes the primary tenet of the “Lean Six Sigma?”

A) Using statistical processes of improvement

B) Studying and acting a process in order to produce improvement

C) Reduction of muda

D) Reducing variation in key processes

2. Which of the following is an important tool used in Lean?

A) Cause and effect diagram

B) Value stream mapping

C) Control chart

D) Benchmarking

3. Which of the following industries was Lean was developed?

A) General Electric

B) Motorola

C) Toyoto

D) Western Electric

4. Which of the following are the two pillars of the lean system?

A. Customer service and process improvement

B. Stopping production line if defects are identified (just I time) and utilizing automation with a human touch

C. Use of statistical process control and teamwork

D. Empowering workers and involving management in QI

Reference no: EM132233888

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