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Because the discharge of pollutants was intentional, should it be insurable at all? Erin Lavinsky works for the Pharmacy On-Line company in Austin, Texas. She likes to work on private matters on her business computer and has received a few infected documents. She was too lazy to update her Norton Utilities and did not realize that she was sending her infected material to her coworkers. Before long, the whole system collapsed and business was interrupted for a day until the backup system was brought up.

a. Describe the types of liability risk exposures Pharmacy On-Line is facing as a result of Erin’s action.

b. If Pharmacy On-Line purchased the ISO e-commerce liability endorsement, would it be covered for the liability?

c. If Erin penetrated into the system and obtained information about the customers, and if she later sold that information to a competitor, what would be the liability ramifications? Is there insurance coverage for this breach of privacy iss

Reference no: EM131450216

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