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There are two (2) parts to the third assignment. For part A (80%) need to write a single report not more than 12 pages in the body. For part B you need to present the report in Power Point with voice overlay of the report to the management.  Read the section describing the formatting requirements for the assignment carefully.

Report Part A: Mobile Systems, Virtualization and Clouds

After management deliberation of the first report commissioned, it was decided that the best options for the organisation would be to either build a private cloud infrastructure or utilise a public solution.  Upon closer review of the information provided, the conclusion was that the public solution with the possibility of being locked into a provider, possible loss of control of data, and the possibility of having to modify the business processes to be in line with the provider, was to restrictive for the organisations future plans.  As a result it was decided to extend the existing network and build a private cloud solution.

In order to better manage the new network operations required for the cloud solutions, the management is looking for a more modern systems to manage the new network infrastructure.  After some external consultations the possibility of implementing Software Defined Networks (SDN) or Policy Based Network Management (PBM) solutions have been identified as possible alternatives. 

During the discussions it became obvious that some confusion exists within the organisation regarding the two proposals.  The main gap in knowledge has been identified to be insufficient understanding of the capabilities and network requirements of the two solutions.

Before committing to any further development you have been tasked to write a report to explain and explore the following technology and services:

a) Research and describe to the management what is involved in SDN (Software Defined Networks) approach to network management.  In your explanation provide a description of the benefits of the process, benefits to the organisation and any possible impact on the IT staff.

b) Research and describe to the management what is involved in PBM (Policy Based Network Management) approach to network management.  In your explanation provide a description of the benefits of the process, benefits to the organisation and any possible impact on the IT staff.

c) Provide a detailed analyses of the processes (SDN and PBM) in terms of capability and infrastructure requirements to support the solutions and type services offered by the solutions. 

d) Provide recommendation as to which of the two approaches you would recommend as being the most suitable for the organisation in the case study.  You will need to clearly document the reasons for your selection.

Report Part B: Presentation of the Report Power Point Voice Over

You are to prepare and present the major finding of the report to the management.  The presentation will consist of a Power Point presentation with voice over on the slides highlighting the reports major findings for the research areas in Part A.  The report is not to be of more than 12 minutes in duration.  Because of the time constraint you will have to make sure you focus only on the major issues and information recorded on the report.

Note:  If you don't know how to do voice or voice annotations on power point slides please follow these links for a quick example and  Just a few of the resources available and might slightly varied due to the version of PPT you may have access to.

Reference no: EM131051733

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