Describe the term mis indicating the management levels
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Requirement of assignment:

Answer all the questions given below:

  1. Describe the term MIS indicating the management levels it works best.
  2. Discuss any three impacts of MIS on an organization.
  3. State the difference between MIS and a computer system.
  4. If application science and MIS can be brought together, the MIS design would be realistic and useful. Discuss.
  5. Discuss the prerequisites of an effective MIS
  6. Distinguish these classifications of MIS
  7. Briefly describe four decision making styles that are likely to be used by a manager during the decision making process.

Academic requirements:

• Your work must be submitted as pages 5-6 of pages
• Your work should be submitted in the formats outlined for each question in the assignment
• The entire assignment brief and completed.
• All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.
• Provide a reference list .

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