Describe the role of dsm-5 in making a diagnosis
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Write a paper focusing on the following:

Discuss 3 changes that were made from DSM-IV to DSM-5.

Describe the role of DSM-5 in making a diagnosis. Why is it used?

When conducting a clinical interview, what are some important questions you need to ask a client? Why?

Discuss how you would make a diagnosis using DSM-5 if you were a counselor. How do you ensure that you do not misdiagnose your client?

You may also research the psychological disorders, by reviewing an electronic version of the DSM-5 in CTU's library. For more information on accessing the DSM-5 in the library please review How to Access DSM-5 and/or watch this video.

A minimum of 2 APA-style references should be included. The text can be one of those references. One must be from a peer-reviewed journal, and one must be a reputable Web site (Wikipedia is not acceptable) or the course textbook.

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