Describe the reasons why they left their home country

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Assignment Description Immigration is endemic to the development of the United States. Throughout its history, multiple ethnic groups immigrated to the United States, thus affecting various elements of American life.

Though immigration is usually a voluntary event, groups were moved against their will at certain points in history. This assignment will limit the project document to immigration from 3 specific regions of the world to make this assignment more manageable for students and facilitators.

Please write a project paper of 1-2 pages, and choose 1 group from the following list that has immigrated to the United States: .Western Europe Eastern and Southern Europe .Western Africa Use the following outline to format your Individual Project Paper: Page

1 Choose 1 regional group from the list above.

Identify when people from this region immigrated. .Describe the reasons why they left their home country or countries.

2 Examine this group's initial experience in America and how it changed over time.

Was the United States fundamentally changed by this group's immigration? Why, or why not? Utilize proper grammar and university-level writing skills.

Format your response using APA document guidelines, to include a title page, abstract page, content, and reference page. Citations and references should use APA style standards.

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Reference no: EM13874410

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