Describe the purpose of a kick-off meeting for a project

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Describe the purpose of a kick-off meeting for a project. What are typical items that are presented and discussed during the meeting, including specific assignments that a project manager should ask of team members?

Reference no: EM131202667

Estimate the required horsepower using the bond work

Assume that the feed characteristic size is 4 in. and the particlesize distribution follows the Rosin Rammler model, with n 1. (Note: You will need log-log graph paper).

Design of a shallow foundation

Using Eq. (3.30), determine the variation of the peak soil friction angle, f9. Estimate an average value of f9 for the design of a shallow foundation. (Note:  For  depth great

Discuss the applicability of the final-value theorem

If, prior to closing the switch, the currents in both circuits are zero, determine the induced current i2(t) in the secondary circuit at time t when R1 = 4 Ω, R2 = 10 Ω, L1

Calculate the friction loss in the turbine

If the efficiency of the turbine in converting the mechanical energy given up by the fluid to the turbine shaft is 89% (nt = 0.89), calculate the friction loss in the turbin

Design a condenser for this service

Cooling will be supplied by water from a cooling tower entering at 90°F and 40 psia, with a maximum allowable pressure drop of 10 psia. Use any available software to design

Convert benzene and propene in presence of oxygen to phenol

The cumene process is used to convert benzene and propene in the presence of oxygen to phenol and acetone via the following reaction. C6H6 +C3H6+O2 ____> C6H5OH +C3H6O. This r

Compute the mixture-averaged mass specific gibbs free energy

Using the thermodata computed from the matlab functions to compute the mixture-averaged mass specific Gibbs free energy of the final mixture, as a function of the progress var

Application of advanced kinetic and kinematic concepts

Demonstrate application of advanced kinetic and kinematic concepts to various mechanisms both from a practical and theoretical context Recognise, Develop and Solve numerical


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