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Discussion 1- Describe the organization that you have worked in most recently. Did this organization practice any activities related to operations management? If so, what were these activities? If not, what role do you think operations management could play in your organization?

Discussion 2- Explain several ways in which operations management can lead to greater competitive advantage and profitability. Include at least two real-world examples.

Discussion 3- Successful project management requires a clear and approved plan, as well as fluid communication between the project team members and stakeholders. Included in these groups are the project manager, functional managers, functional employees, senior staff, and of course the customer. Project managers are responsible for all elements of the project and they must continuously balance outcomes, schedules, and resources in order to accomplish the project's objective within the time and budget guidelines.

With this in mind and after conducting your own research on the matter, do the following in your initial post:

• Identify and discuss a successful project and an unsuccessful project with which you are familiar. (If not familiar, conduct research)

• Include what you would say distinguishes the two, both in terms of the process used to develop them and their outcomes?
Some concepts to consider as you are researching this project involve the following keywords:

• Project efficiency

• Impact on customer

• Business success, and/or future planning.

Reference no: EM13850228

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