Describe the mechanism of action of eicosanoids
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1. Present the comparison of neuromuscular blocking drugs and local anesthetics. What is a rationale to use them for pain control?

2. Present the rationale for clinical applications of COX inhibitors. What is a difference between COX-1 and COX-2 activity blocking drugs? How can they be used in clinical practice?

3. Describe the mechanism of action of eicosanoids. Give examples of eicosanoids used to treat bronchoconstriction and inflammatory cell infiltration of the bronchi.


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Neuomuscular blocking agents and local anesthesia comes under the category of skeletal muscle relaxants. Particularly, the neuromuscular blocking agents are referred to as competitive and depolarizing blockers. Neuromuscular blocking agents act by blocking the neuromuscular transmission particularly at the junction. This is mediated with either inhibition of the synthesis of acetylcholine or via acting at the post-synaptic terminal end of motor nerves of the acetylcholine receptors. Depolarizing agents use to bind with the cholinergic receptor and causes the depolarization of the endplate membrane

Followed by a blockade in the neuromuscular transmission. On the contrary, nondepolarizing agents causes competitive inhibition of the cholinergic receptors at motor endplate, thereby causing either obstruction to the ion channels or restricting the conformational changes in the receptor to generate any action potential. The clinical use of these agents lies in context to the relaxation of the skeletal muscles that permit many of the important health care related activities. These include intubation of the tracheal tube, surgery and inhibition of spontaneous

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