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Assist the student on understanding on how an organization handle the work related issues and its impact to the organization.


1. Describe the importance of leadership and identify the skills of a leader.

2. Learning the importance of motivation to achieve the organization goal.

3. Understand how to manage organization change that exist within the organization.

Select an organization of your choice. You can either select a department in that organization or look at the organization as a whole. Prepare a report that covers the following areas:

1. Motivation:
a. How are the employees motivated to perform better? 10 Mark
b. Which motivational approaches are used? 10 Marks
c. Which of the used motivational approaches are most effective and why? 10 Marks

2. Leadership:
a. What leadership style is used by the manager? 10 Marks
b. Is the used leadership style effective for the department to perform its functions and why?

3. Change Management:
a. What kinds of changes are happening within the organization and its environment?
b. How are such changes managed?

Part I Group Report


1. Answer all the questions

the discussion and 10 for the citations and referencing

2. Total words count are not necessary have to be 1500 words. Q1 can exceed 500 words. Q2 can exceed 500 words. Q3 can exceed 500 words. The report should contain:
- cover page, which indicates module title, names of students, name of instructor and date of submission
- table of contents, which includes heading , subheading and page numbers.
- introduction, indicates the objectives of the report, briefly describes structure of the report ( Max 2 pages).
- discussion, description, discussion, explanation and analysis of the questions
- Conclusion that reveals main findings regarding the questions and a recommendation.
- list of reference by using Harvard style of referencing; the report should have 8 to 10 citations.

3. The report should be well formatted, text color black, times of roman, font 12.

4. Deduction of mark for spelling and grammatical error.

5. Late submission and Plagiarism policy will be applied accordingly.

6. Provide an in Text citations and a correct reference.

Part 2 Group Presentation
Each person in the group shall present the main findings in the class (10 minutes). Presentation shall reveal the group work results.

Additional questions will be asked by the instructor in order to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes.

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The work is in 1500 words in APA format in MS word where the focus has been on the leadership strategy and how to manage the organization in effective manner. hence, for this, there is a need to include about the management principles which will lead towards the development.

Reference no: EM131327135

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Interview motivation general organisation leadership general - defination, 5 stratergies styles organisation - which style, is effective (give reasons) change management general startegies adopted by organisation to manage change organisation what kind of change internal and external strategies


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Assessment Criteria Format, content, structure and logic of the presentation, and scope of presentation 5 mark Understanding of respective part and the whole report 5 mark Clarity and conciseness of results presented 5 mark Ability to present main findings to the audience effectively 5 mark Total marks for presentation 20 marks

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