Describe the function of shared memory pages

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Question: Shared memory pages are an example of a topic where a picture is worth a thousand words. Find at least one illustration in Google Images by entering the search key "shared memory pages" in the search box. Be sure to enter it in the search box with quotes so the entire phrase is interpreted by the search engine as a single string.

Using an illustration you find, make that picture the focus of your post. Create a Discussion Topic post that outlines the function of shared memory pages. Go into detail about the proper operation of shared memory pages as described by the course textbook. If you find an illustration that does not agree with the course textbook, be sure to use it and make any inconsistencies the focus of your post.

It is very important that you properly attribute the image by listing the original author(s) of the illustration you find. Go to Citing Your Sources Guide to find instructions and examples of using proper attribution.

Reference no: EM132280098

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