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1. Polar Containers makes? high-end coolers for camping. The total task time needed to make a cooler is 350 ?seconds, with the longest individual task taking 90 seconds. Polar Containers would like to set up a line capable of producing 60 coolers per 6?-hour day. What is the takt? time? What is the maximum output per? day? ?(?Hint: Consider the longest individual task? time.)

2. Please describe a specific example when you demonstrated success in delivering high levels of customer service using your interpersonal and problems resolution skills.

Reference no: EM132280668

Considering outsourcing its technical support call center

A computer manufacturing is considering outsourcing its technical support call center to India. Its current technical support call center is located in Small Town, Iowa. The c

What is the capacity of the orthopedists office in patients

Consider an orthopedist’s office. All arriving patients first check in at a reception area where they fill out the necessary paperwork. On average, it takes 10 minutes to comp

Find the editorial-sales budget figures that maximize profit

Find the editorial and sales budget figures that maximize profit. Assume that the subscription price remains at $1.50/week, and the advertising price stays at $250/page. Use t

What assets and barriers do you foresee in building

Consider this scenario. Ann is a manager for two certified home health care agencies covering an area of over 200 square miles. How would you keep the process moving forward?

What are some criticisms of sustainable business

Do you think sustainable business practices have a positive impact on business success? What are some criticisms of sustainable business? Do you agree with the triple bottom l

Do you believe the utilization of temporary employees

Do you believe the utilization of temporary employees, who knowingly have no future with your company, would better serve your bottom line in the end as compared to full-time

Performance administration-personal development

Performance Administration, Personal Development, Professional Development and Organizational Development list the characteristics of Human Resource Development for each part

Consumers and currently existing facilities in market

Just as the state of the healthcare industry and the concept of the patient have changed so have healthcare facilities. Physicians’ offices aren’t always offices anymore. Disc


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