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The project management office (PMO) director has decided to make you a program manager. You will now manage 2 related projects. The first project is the implementation of the project portfolio management (PPM) software tool that you discussed in Week 1. The second project, which relates to the first, is the implementation of strategic planning software.

Prepare a report for the PMO director that describes the specific benefits and issues for the management of the 2 related projects in the program. The report will be in Word and formatted using APA style. The report should contain the following:

  • Title page with the topic title, your name, the course, and the date
  • Introduction with the purpose of the report
  • Content pages with the benefits of program management for your 2 projects (the PPM software implementation and the strategic planning software implementation)
  • Reference list with sources in APA format

Basic APA formatting includes 1-inch margins, double-spacing throughout the paper, page numbers in the upper right-hand corner, paragraphs indented 5-7 spaces, and first-level headings centered and in bold font.  

Deliverable Length:  1,250-1,750 words

Reference no: EM131413497

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