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Assignment Brief-

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to apply some of the skills and knowledge that have gained across the module thus far, demonstrating your learning through a practical exercise.

Please read the attached case study 'SK Food Enterprises Ltd.' carefully, and answer the questions that follow in a 2,500 word report. To answer the questions you will need to apply Operations Management tools and complete some calculations using a spreadsheet.

The assignment is looking for the application of Operations Management. You should use your Operations Management texts to help you with the assignment however, the nature of the assignment means referencing will not be required.

The core of the assignment focuses on calculating capacities/assessing utilization of a series of processes. It is not sufficient to present only numerical data in your answers. You must clearly discuss each stage of your analysis, stating 'what' you need to find out and 'why', and then present the supporting calculations. Marks will be awarded for clear indications that you have understood the logical steps needed to calculate capacity for this particular operation.

For all of the questions, most of the information required can be found in the case study however, you will need to make some assumptions; please state these clearly along with your supporting rationale.

Case Study: 'SK Food Enterprises Ltd.'


Section 1 - Describe the inputs and outputs of the transformation process outlined in this case, supported by an appropriate diagram.

Section 2 - Describe the five operations performance objectives for the macro-operation (Quality, speed, dependability etc.).

Section 3 - Calculate and discuss the capacities for each micro-operation of the radicchio rig, and from this estimate the total capacity. Discuss to what extent the overall capacity depends on the product mix. Discuss what problems are encountered when attempting these capacity calculations.

Your calculations should be completed in a spreadsheet and screenshots included in the main body of your report; additionally, your appendices should include screenshots of the formula view of the spreadsheet.

Section 4 - How well balanced are the capacities, and what could adversely affect this balance?(Present further calculations to support a scenario).

Section 5 - Using your data to compare actual output to the capacity, what does this suggest about the operations management tasks involved in running all six rigs?

Section 6 - In a typical British summer, the weather can cycle frequently between cool, dull periods with spells of heavy rainfall, and periods of hot, dry and sunny weather.

What capacity management problems could arise during such variations in the weather, and how can management best respond to such fluctuations?

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

Reference no: EM131195053

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