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BYP3-3 Paintball is now played around the world. The process of making paintballs is actually quite similar to the process used to make certain medical pills. In fact, paintballs were previously often made at the same factories that made pharmaceuticals.

Address: Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v= 2hKrv60PJKE#t = 129 to access the video.


View the video at the site listed above and then answer the following questions.

(a) Describe in sequence the primary steps used to manufacture paintballs.

(b) Explain the costs incurred by the company that would fall into each of the following categories: materials, labor, and overhead. Of these categories, which do you think would be the greatest cost in making paintballs?

(c) Discuss whether a paintball manufacturer would use job order costing or process costing.

I want a research and powerpoint slides about this case


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The said paper consist of detail analysis of manufacture of paintball. Here all the steps involved in the manufacture of paintball is discussed. All the expenses involved in the manufacture is divided into materials, labour and overhead. Moreover the best costing process is discussed.

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Paintball is an outdoor game. It has been developed very early in the 1980s and had gained much popularity with a passage of time. It is generally played among a group of people where each player has an airgun. With the help of air gun player of one team attack player from another team with pellets of paints. There are several ways in which the game can be played. The most famous game is the survival game.

For playing the game special field is required. Playing paintball game require several equipment for instance, paintball, air gun, in order to eject the paintball carbon-di-oxide cartridges are required, goggles for safety purpose is required and special costume is also provided. The number of players varies largely from 15 people to 50 people. Playing paintball game is a strategic game and require effective teamwork and skill.

With the popularity of the game, the manufacture of the main component of paintball i.e. the pellet of paint is become much popular with huge competition in the manufacturing of same.The inventor of paintball was Charles Gaines. The paintball game gains its popularity from the development of the National Survival Game Inc.

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