Describe important reforms that occurred in progressive era

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Describe three important reforms that occurred during the Progressive Era in American history. Describe what each one of them was, and why each one was an important reform.

Reference no: EM13735796

Give the answer of muliple choice question

Historical research is chiefly concerned with:To a historical researcher studying the lives of women pioneers in the late 1880s, letters written by Rebecca Adams, a pioneer w

Enlightenment and industrial revolution

Given the information from this week's reading on the Enlightenment, the New Rationalism, and the Scientific Revolution, how did advancements in science and reasoning change t

Explain how each book displayed the tension of the 1700''s

How would you as an 18th century colonist have responded to the "autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Common Sense (book)? Explain how each book displayed the tension of the

Compare various way in which american expressed their rights

Compare and contrast the various ways in which Americans expressed their democratic rights to voice either favor or opposition to World War I. Which attitudes prevailed, and

Family to the community to the whole culture

As I watched this movie again and thought more about it in terms of this class, I was struck by the ways in which this very quiet little film reveals the complex effects of th

What is voltaire''s attitude towards religion

What is Voltaire's attitude towards religion? Does he advocate toleration towards all religions? What are his personal religious views? Make sure you look at all of the Lett

Why did many americans critize the mexican war

Why did many Americans critize the Mexican War? How did they see expansion as a threat to American liberties? How did western expansion affect the sectional tensions between t

Practice a mystical form of the islamic faith

practice a mystical form of the Islamic faith that is sometimes expressed through dancing or chanting. _________ was the Roman General who conquered Gaul, then went on to marc


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