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For this first reflection, this is your opportunity to connect with a health administration management and leadership issues that relates to your area of concentration and or career direction.

The reflection paper is not a formal research paper, although you do have to support your reflection with facts when possible. The paper should have a coherent or organized structure. It should also be analytical in nature where you take the opportunity to use your own judgment to agree, disagree, and relate to the issue or concept and provide a written detail of your perspective.

Action: Research information about your career and or professional future within the scope/frame of the Accountable Care Act. If your direction is clinical (nursing, physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, behavioral health etc.) or if your direction is administration and policy (healthcare administration, support, marketing, information systems, management etc.) use this as the basis for the paper.

The primary question you are uncovering in this reflection is:

How will the Accountable Care Act and the implementation and functioning affect my healthcare career?

This reflection should include inquiry into:

1. Demonstration of your understanding how the ACA affects your career choice.

a. What are the ramifications on my career? Is my career choice enhanced by the ACA or is there a potential for a threat. Explain.

b. Describe how your career choice will be affected?

2. Provide some data on the overall career prospects and opportunities.

Guidelines for Writing

1. This is a reflection paper that is your position/views on the topic. Write and think critically about you connecting the content (knowledge).

2. Write your reflection following a standard narrative model, however, be certain to rely on claims based writing- Claims are supported by Data and Warrant with appropriate Backing (support)

Use supporting sources to back your views up if required)

3. Reflection is not a summary of the material it is your interpretation and the position-on use.

Consider these questions:

What insights have you gained and how can I explain those insights?

How does concept relate to you and what will you do with?

Are there questions or weaknesses or issues with the concept that needs explaining or modifying or adapting? What are they?

4. Focus on one or two elements in your reflection, be selective. Do not discuss everything, discuss what you view important and useful.

5. Standard college level writing. Develop a thesis statement. Correct development of subsequent paragraphs. APA Style. 4 to 6 pages. Double spaced. 10 to 12 pt font/ Times font. Correctly used source material, with at least three qualified academic, reliable, relevant sources used for support if required for backing of your thoughts. .

Reference no: EM131208292

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