Describe difference between localization of a global product

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1) Discuss which models of consumer behavior might be used to examine buyers in local markets and the importance of considering cultural elements to apply these models effectively.

2) Describe the difference between localization, adaptation and standardization of a global product or service.

Reference no: EM13913785

Advantages carrying separate line of private label products

I decide to hire you as a consultant to help me with my decision. Write a report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a separate line of private label prod

What role does technology play in global public relations

What are some ways to share important market research across a global organization? If you were responsible for gathering research for a new market, how would you share it w

What do you think should be done with the dresses

Your manager points out that standards in South America are not so high and that the deadly dresses could be legally sold in several other countries. What do you think shoul

Describe product and scenario around the product failure

Describe the product and the scenario around the product failure. Analyze what caused the product to fail. Back-up your response with reasoning and research, if available.

Explain how it will impact that market segment

Second step I have to create a Venn diagram. I have to Mark each segment (three or more) of the market that my product will impact. also, Explain how it will impact that mar

Creating chart showing price vs quality or two other factors

I now need help creating a chart showing price vs quality or two other factors that impact my product. Explain market segmentation, pricing and anything else that would help

Which ones do you utilized the most, and why

Many of us have key fobs connected to loyalty programs. Take a look at the programs you and your family participate in. Which ones do you utilized the most, and why? If you

Why is this offering an innovation

Describe whether you think adoption and diffusion of this offering will be fast or slow by using concepts associated with this innovation, such as relative advantage, operab


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