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1. Which of the following is not the characteristics of teams?

a. Unlike groups that discuss, decides, and shares work, teams discuss, decides, and delegates work to individual.

b. Unlike groups that hold individual accountable, team hold team members accountable to each other

c. Unlike groups that have individual work products, team have collective work products.

d. Unlike groups that set identical purpose for group, teams set specific team vision or purpose.

e. Unlike groups that run efficient meetings, team run meetings that encourage open-ended discussion.

2. Which of the following does not describe a behavior of charismatic leaders?

a. Initiate structured tasks and make assignments

b. Envision future trends and patterns

c. Set high expectations for themselves and for others

d. Demonstrating personal excitement

e. Model behaviors consistent with meeting expectations

3. Elements in the cost of new equity calculation are ?

A. Nexts year dividends

B. Stock price

C issuance fee

D all of the above

4. The process of developing a unique marketing mix that best satisfies a target market is known as positioning.



5. A manufacturer produces 200 units of a product at a total cost of $1,000. If the manufacturer wants to make a markup of 10 percent, the price per unit would be ________.






Reference no: EM132191658

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