Describe any continuous improvement and quality tools

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1. Vitamins Inc. sells 600 bottles of vitamin C bottles per week for $80 each. The supplier charges them $30 per order and $45 per bottle. The annual holding cost is assumed to be 40%. What order quantity minimizes the company's total ordering and holding cost per year?

2. Describe any continuous improvement and quality tools that a Nail beauty salon utilizes?

3. You operate a paper ream selling business. Each month, you sell 400 units. You buy the paper for $2.50 each, and sell it for $3.25. You estimate the annual holding cost to be 20%. The per order cost is $25. What is the optimal order quantity?

Reference no: EM132233875

What means of dispute resolution is exclusively provided

What means of dispute resolution is exclusively provided for in the collective bargaining agreement? 2. How does the Supreme Court distinguish this exclusive remedy from the a

Fixed order quantity inventory control system

High Tech, Inc. is a virtual store that stocks a variety of calculators in their warehouse. Customer orders are placed; the order is picked and packaged, and then shipped to t

Give the answer of muliple choice question

Roger is new-product project manager for a retail company. Recently the team has exhibited a high degree of conflict over who will control the group and how decisions will b

Designing a product layout for a new product

A company is designing a product layout for a new product. it plans to use this production line eight hours a day in order to meet projected demand of 480 units per day. The t

Distinguish how degree of involvement directly correlates

Access the Grantham University EBSCO Online Library, use the search function, and read the following article: "Communication and Managerial Effectiveness". Nursing Management

Request information on cost justification and roi

Choose a major capital piece of equipment to be used in the radiology department of a hospital (e.g., CAT scan, MRI, nuclear medicine camera, etc.). Next, research and choos

The jackets are being produced in the dominican republic

The Limited is planning a new line of jackets for fall. It plans to sell the jackets for $100. The jackets are being produced in the Dominican Republic. Even though The Limite

Standard linear programming specification

AirMaster, a regional air cargo carrier in the Mid-West, flies a daily route between little Rock and Austin. The plane it uses has two cabins: a pressurized cabin for perishab


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