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1. 7.15

The Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation is a commonly used cubic equation of state, second in popularity only to the Peng-Robinson Equation of state. In this problem, just derive the two equations (7.66) given in the problem.

2. 8.14

Here you are given an equation of state of the form Z = function (T, P). Let Chamber I be filled and chamber II be vacuum initially, each chamber is of volume 0.5 m3. Take as system the gas in chamber I. When the partition ruptures, the gas in I basically expands against pressure in II (which is = 0), so no work is done. No heat is transferred since I + II is an isolated system. So you are working with U. However, it is more convenient to use P as variable (rather than V) due to the form of the equation of state. So derive the equation for H-Hig, then use H = U + PV, note PV = ZRT, so ?H = ?U + ?(ZRT). First calculate moles in chamber I. To solve T and P, you need 2 equations: one is the energy balance, the other is the equation of state applied to the final condition.

3. 8.22

In addition to (a) and (b), do( c) using Lee-Kesler Tables.

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Reference no: EM13850290

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