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Michael, after an audit of his books, realizes that Valerie has taken the company's money that she was supposed to deposit into the company account. He talks to her and then tells her that he is going to sue her for $55,000 for her embezzlement. He tells her to not leave town. She quits and claims he cannot sue her for embezzlement.

What is the issue, decision, and reasons for your decision, this includes a statement of the law or laws relied upon in order to reach your decision



Reference no: EM13978193

Basic problems in consultant-client relationship

Find the basic problems in the consultant-client relationship and consider you are a consultant and have been approached by a client to undertake OD work in his/her company.

Describe the types of consumer characteristics

In your opinion, which research methods are least likely to produce results in the above contexts? Defend your response. Describe the types of consumer characteristics and inf

What are some of the legal issues and concepts you will need

Then, you remember your business law textbook. What are some of the legal issues and concepts you will need to know to mount a legal fight? Be sure to support your response.

Discuss supply chain and distribution channels

Discuss supply chain and distribution channels. You may include one or two small graphics to further explain your position. In your paper explain how you would set up your s

Terms of helping a company to remain competitive

Explain how do you feel communication programs can most effectively be utilized and what value can they bring to a company in terms of helping a company to remain competitiv

Price of colluding firms under oligopoly is determined

Explain how each of the following is a form of price discrimination:a. a student discount at the movie theater b. long-distance phone service that costs 15 cents per minute fo

Windows phone as its primary smartphone platform

"With Nokia's planned move to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, Symbian becomes a franchise platform, leveraging previous investments to harvest additional v

Importance of ethics in financial decision making

Using the Internet, and/or other sources, locate an article discussing ethics in accounting and financial decision making. Make recommendations for improvement for an organiza


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