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Relevance -- does the comment bear on the subject at hand? Comments that do not link up with what the discussion is focusing on can actually detract from the learning experience.

Causal Linkage -- are the logical antecedents or consequences of a particular argument traced out? Comments that push the implications of a fact or idea as far as possible are generally superior.

Responsiveness -- does the comment react in an important way to what someone else has said?

Analysis -- is the reasoning employed consistent and logical?

Evidence -- have data from the case, from personal experience, from general knowledge been employed to support the assertions made?

Importance -- does the contribution further our understanding of the issues at hand? Is a connection made with other cases we have analyzed?at and understandable? Does it stick to the subject or does it wander?

A quality assignment report that (a) demonstrates a command and understanding of the issues involved in the assignment case and their interrelationships, (b) uses sound presentation logic and well thought through justifications, and (c) displays a liberal use of appropriateand requiredgraphs, charts and tables, when necessary. The written assignments must be submitted via SacCTfolder on the day they are due. Late submissions will not be accepted regardless the excuses. As the web online courses are offered to accommodate your individual schedule and agenda, it is your responsibility to allocate reasonable amount of time to prepare this course and meet all the requirements to successfully pass the course.

Detailed grading criteria are as the following:


1. Comprehend basic concepts/theories/models (discuss in the assigned readings) and must be able to apply them appropriately to support the analysis

2. Use a balanced approach to organize the report content

3. Contents that have no immediate relevance to the subject should not be included in the report - All information that is needed is there, and all that is there is needed!

4. Conclusion and recommendations must be derived from the analysis in a logical and consistent manner when present

5. Recommendations must be feasible when present:

a. Technical feasibility - for instance, technologies exist or available for the proposed applications...etc.

b. Economic feasibility - for example, total benefits (tangible and intangible as well as strategic and operational) expect to gain from the solutions is greater than the total (lifecycle) costs...etc.

c. Organizational feasibility - for example, dominant managerial logic and/or organizational culture and behavior may hinder the implementations...etc.

6. When using managerial implications, it should include both case-specific and generic lessons (i.e., learning outcomes or examples that could be applied to organizations across industries).

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Reference no: EM13828215

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