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Question: Attending/Reflecting Skills

Counselors convey interest, warmth, respect, and positive regard. View the Person-Centered video segment and the Learner at Residency Role-Play video, both of which demonstrate important skills used when getting to know a client. For this discussion response, you will respond via a recorded Kaltura video to specific responses provided by the client, Rose, from the Counseling: Micro Skills video. Your video response should demonstrate the use of good attending and reflection skills.

Before submitting your video, ensure that you have completed all of the following prior to uploading your Kaltura video:

• Reviewed the Foundations of Counseling, Counseling Skills document (linked in the Resources).

• Reviewed the statements Rose made at least two times prior to recording the video response to the client.

• Demonstrated the isolated skill required in this discussion to the best of your ability.

Using Kaltura, record yourself demonstrating Attending/Reflecting skills (Body language, tone of voice, facial expression, and active listening along with reflecting back on what was heard and observed).

Statement from Rose

After hearing all about my life in the biopsychosocial assessment, I'm sure you're wondering why I'm even coming to counseling. I really shouldn't complain. I have a great husband, a wonderful companion with my sweet dog Molly, friends, a mother that's alive, and I'm not struggling financially. It's hard for me to reach out for help and I feel like I don't deserve it. But I've just been so overwhelmed and anxious lately. I can't pinpoint for sure when it started, when I first felt flooded with anxiety. But I think it might have been back when my father got sick and then died 6 months later. I had to hold in my emotions... my fears, my sadness, and my worry so that I could take care of my grieving mother, sister, and brother. They needed my support and I had to be there. But when I finally had the chance to focus on my own grief, my mother got sick. My husband says it's time for me to focus on myself.

Reference no: EM132279894

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