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Assessment requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the performance of your company and undertake a self- evaluation of decisions made.

When you go into the simulation, you will see the menu Performance Report. This reveals a number of sub menus with heaps of measurement information, including the Balanced Scorecard.

In your own balanced scorecard, you will see your result as well as the minimum, maximum and average. These are calculated from aggregating all other players in this game who you are measured against.

When on the balanced scorecard, if you look at the bottom left hand corner, there is a button to click on "player standings'. Here you can see all the other Capstone teams results. There are a total of 43 players.

In both the help menu, the chapter in the text, and the portal, are all of the details of how the balanced scorecard is calculated. If you have questions on it, please do not email me, as the answer will be contained within these resources and it is crucial that you learn exactly how it works.

Assessment is a reflective paper with 3 small questions each worth 500 words. Please ensure that you reference everything correctly using the Harvard style. This includes any narrative from the simulation.

The assessment reflection in purposefully designed to encourage you to think about the decisions you have made. There is no right answer but good answers will build and link hypotheses to the balanced scorecard results. There will certainly be ambiguity, and hence no set way of precisely linking your decisions to every metric in the scorecard. Where you are unsure, you should reflect that fact in your paper and offer well thought out possibilities.

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Reference no: EM13813116

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