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Think of a country you would like to work in, do business in, or visit. Find about its culture, using Hofstede's dimensions as guidelines. You can use a variety of source to accomplish this, particulary your school library, government offices, faculty members or others who have global experience. Answers the following questiosn be sure to provide thought and the reasoning behind your answers. You must demonstrate an understanding of the material. Simply stating each answer will not get full credit.

1. Is culture individualistic or collectivist?

2. Is the power distance high or low?

3. Is uncertainty avoidance high or low?

4. Is the county masculine or femenine in its orientation?

5. Is the time orientation short term or long term?

6. How did you arrive at your answers to the first five questions?

7. How will these characteristics affect business practices in the country you chose to investigate?

Reference no: EM131222283

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