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Business Ethics Case.
Attached is a paper that will be used for the case analysis.
Briefly summarize the case in your own words (about 1/2 page). Do not rely on direct quotes for the summary. 
State (type out) the questions, then answer them completely. In your answer you should include cited key terms, definitions, and theory from the text and examples from the case as appropriate. Answers which do not include cited terms/definitions/theory from the textbook chapters will be considered incomplete and full credit will not be awarded. Expect that you will write about 350 words for each question asked. Opinions must be supported with cited textbook material.

1).What are the ethical issues in this case? Remember; use the listings from chapter 3 in your identification. 

2). Identify two primary and one secondary stakeholder groups associated with the spying scandal. How might each of these groups be impacted by the board's behavior?

3). Identify the primary types of moral philosophies you believe were used by Dunn, Keyworth, and Perkins. Discuss how and why each used this philosophy to justify his/her behavior. 

4). What can HP do to prevent future scandals? 

Here is the proper format for the references you'll use for your case:

Ferrell, O. C., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L. (2015). Business
Ethics (10th ed.). New York: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Sims, R. L. (2010). A Study of Deviance as a Retaliatory Response to
Organizational Power. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(4), 553-563. 

Reference no: EM13739119

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