Define what changes would be required to job designs

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Investigate the degree to which human resources are related to the other factors (project management, product design, process strategy, location decisions, layout decisions, etc.). In a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document, address the following:

Identify inefficiencies in the way that human resources are utilized in a business at which you have worked in the past or with which you are familiar.

Describe ways in which the inefficiencies that you have identified could be reduced or eliminated.

Define what changes would be required to job designs in order to implement your suggested strategies for eliminating the inefficiencies.

Identify how the way people are measured might need to be adjusted as a result of your suggestions.

Explain whether additional compensation might need to be offered as a result of your plan to change job designs and work measurements. Support your rational with examples.

Support your responses with examples.

Reference no: EM131361492

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