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Question: defines Virtualization as the creation of a virtual resource such as a server , desktop, operating system, file, storage or network. I would say that virtualization is considered the "holy grail" of IT because of what you can do with it. Think about this, you can place all the important parts of you network on Virtual machines, that way you are saving space for hardware that is going to be used as well to save the company money.

In the case of Verbania, Virtualization could be a major help to them by doing a few things that I think we may not have thought about with the guide lines that we were given. Virtualization can help increase the efficiency of the server, can help with creation of a better recovery plan, improve continuity the business, it can assist in feature software development's, as well as assist in the testing of network security as well as patches. These are areas in which this practice can help them build a better network for their company and what they want to do with that network.

As with all security systems, the most important things are that how do you keep it up to date and how will you handle the changes that will occur as well as keeping the right people in and keeping the bad people out. Isolation and multitenancy, segmentation made simple, Advanced security service insertion, chaining, and steering and Consistent security models across physical and virtual infrastructure. Being able to isolate any problem that comes in while also being able to pick up any broken segments.

I don't think that you can compare cloud computing and virtualization. And the thought is simple, they are normally used hand and hand. So, in that case one isn't better than the other because they are used for different things. I would recommend that Verbania use both cloud computing and virtualization because they will be able to build a better private cloud infrastructure.

Reference no: EM132184936

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