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This week, you will demonstrate your knowledge of correlations and multiple regressions. Refer back to the multimedia resources for correlations, regression analyses, and regression lines.  Using an example from your organization, create a mock data set for two specific variables of importance in your organization. The data may be used for quality measures, patient inputs, demographics, financial data, etc.

  • Define the variables. Include information on how the data is collected.
  • Create a mock data set table
  • Create a scatter plot and include a regression line
  • Interpret the results. Provide a clear explanation for the relationship, or lack thereof, being demonstrated.
  • How might your analysis of this data be used to improve organizational outcomes or be used in problem solving or decision-making for your organization?

Before we leave this concept and move on to another topic, the assignment this week requires you to use your own data to construct a scatter plot with regression line and analyze the relationship between two quantitative variables, including a regression analysis.

As a point of clarification, if you have access to actual quantitative data in your organization and would prefer to use that rather than create "mock" data you are certainly encouraged to consider that option.

You just need to ensure that the data you will be using is quantitative and not categorical. If you decide to create your own data you will need to make sure you have a data set for each variable. For example if you are studying the relationship between staffing and medication errors, you will need to have a data set representing the number of nurses on duty per shift and a data set counting the number of medication errors per shift.

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Reference no: EM131142356

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