Define the use and importance of a guided navigation system

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Describe the use and importance of a guided navigation system and shopping cart for a website designed for e-commerce and business purpose. Also explain how the site should take payments using a payment gateway.

Reference no: EM1337505

Preparing a copy of hard drive

After we have the target media prepared and assembled along with all our tools assembled for investigation we should now make a copy of hard drive.

Add a process addtext to the question class

Add a method addText to the Question class, and give a different implementation of ChoiceQuestion that calls addText rather than storing an array list of choices.

Developing the java program

The Java String class explains the following method in order to split a Java String object into several fragments of the substrings and store them in a returned String array

What do you mean by

Your boss met with you this morning to inform you that the system you wrote two years ago using dBase IV now needs to be rewritten using Visual Basic.NET and ADO.NET.

Ms access usually suggested as a good candidate

Why is a PC based DBMS like MS Access often suggested as a good candidate to use in story boarding/prototyping the user interface presentation screens and basic database fun

How to modify bob''s behaviour to prevent this threat

imagine we are using Lamport's hash, and Bob's system crashes before receiving Alice's reply to a message. Further suppose an intruder, Trudy, can eavesdrop and detect that

Marketing idea into a product design proposal

As a Design Engineer working for the Bahrain Design Company. You are assigned to follow the design stages, in order to develop a marketing idea into a product design proposa

Find out the minimum value stored in field named fldtotal

Using an array of DataRow objects named drArray, assume that the first field has the name fldTotal. Write down a loop to examine each row in the array, and find the minimum


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