Define the idea of a context as it relates to hci design

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Interactive computer systems can be categorized both in terms of interaction styles and interaction paradigms. This helps us to understand the problems and potential value of any interactive system design. We must also pay attention to the context of interaction, whether generic or specific designs are at stake.

(a) Describe the Direct Manipulation interaction paradigms and two others, using an electronic library catalogue system as an example to show how these three paradigms relate to one another. Say which paradigm would be most suited to supporting the tasks you have identified for the library system.

(b) Explain the idea of a context as it relates to HCI design.

(c) Describe the Norman Cycle and apply it to a typical scenario of usage for a librarian using an electronic library catalogue.

(d) How well do you think the Norman Cycle can account for differences in interaction context? Say what you think this has to do with long-term memory and mental models.

Reference no: EM1328726

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