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1. Summarize the process of ideation and how it can help you be more open to new business opportunities and guide your search for a high potential new venture / startup project to pitch.

2. In 300 words Define Systems Theory and why is studying this theory important to your success as a leader and a manager?

3. A multinational fast-food corporation plans to locate a restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia. Secondary data for this city are sketchy and outdated. How might you determine the location using observation? PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCES.

Reference no: EM132280584

Describe how organizations can create an ethics culture

Describe how organizations can create an ethics culture. provide an example of a company with a positive ethical culture. should be 200 words in length and name 2 sources.

Identify sources of differentiation-positioning strategy

Analyze both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as marketed brands. Identify their sources of differentiation, positioning strategy, and identify positioning errors. Please use

Monique had no right to appeal to court

DUI Charge. Monique was licensed to train massage therapists. A new federal agency, the Aesthetic and Massage Commission, took very seriously its role of enforcing the statute

What is the average queue length

Suppose customers arrive one at a time, completely at random, at an ATM at the rate of 6 per hour. Customers take an average of 8 minutes to complete their transactions. That

Mid-sized hotel chain that is entering competitive market

Bryson’s is a mid-sized hotel chain that is entering a competitive market. The chain needs to differentiate its service from that of competitors, positioning itself as a hotel

Case study - commerce clause

ABC Freightways maintained its principal place of business in Arkansas. However, they provided trucking services in all states west of the Mississippi River, which included th

Direct labor hours

Douglas Davis, controller for Marston, Inc., prepared the following budget for manufacturing costs at two different levels of activity for 2015: Level of Activity Driver: Di

Develop a common-size income statement and balance sheet

Develop a common-size income statement and balance sheet for your selected company, and calculate the financial ratios described in the textbook. Use the questions and instr


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