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Part A:

1. Explain what makes App Inventor different to other mobile apps IDE such as Xcode for iOS, Eclipse for Android and Visual Studio for Windows Phone? State clearly the advantages and disadvantages of App Inventor.

2. Define Responsive Design and clarify what techniques can be used to create a responsive design for a web application?

3. Explain what makes jQuery Mobile different from other JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and jQueryUI?

4. Do research into current trends in the smartphone market; and based on your findings, recommend two platforms for developing an app in 2015 that will reach the majority of users.

5. Critically review the different ways of mobile apps development and justify which one should a mobile application developer use?

Part 2:

The assignment brief states clearly in part 2 that the report should include documentation for work including justifying your decisions in the design of your app, show how your design relates to the HCI principles, justify your breakpoints selection... etc.

Of course source code e.g. html, javascript, css ... etc are excluded in word count.

All of this is expected to count up to 2000 words, hoping this clarifies the issue.

Reference no: EM13753250

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