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Question: 12-15 powerpoint slides with a 1000-1500 words of speaker's notes

You have now researched and reviewed a for-profit and a governmental non-profit institution. Both have reporting requirements. Compare and contrast the financial reporting requirements for both of these and how the various types of organizations use the examples that you have pulled throughout the course including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. You will be preparing a quarterly summary of who you have trained and what knowledge has been gained throughout your months of research. The summary will be presented to the Senior Leadership in your institution so you can assure them that this team has been successful in applying their research to the various organizations.

Reference no: EM132234216

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A satellite is in a circular orbit at an altitude of 250 km above the earth's surface. If an onboard rocket provides a delta-v of 200 m/s in the direction of the satellite's

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Do you agree or disagree with your peers findings? Where are there similarities or differences within the class discussion? Are there particular considerations/ideas that part

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Why isn't the combination of consumer and producer surplus maximized if there is either excess demand or supply - Why does nearly every purchase you make provide you with cons

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Current performance of the U.S. Banking Industry a. Comparison between U.S. Banking Industry vs. other large economies. i. European Union ii. ii. United Kingdom b. Problems th

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The park and recreation department of Cass County has estimated that the initial cost of a park will be $2.3 million. Annual upkeep costs are estimated at $ 120,000. Benefits

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Materials used in the operation of a factory, such as cleaning supplies, that are not an integral part of the final product should be classified as:A) direct materials.B) a pe

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Suppose an assistant professor of economics is earning a salary of $75,000 per year. One day he quits his job, sells $100,000 worth of bonds that had been earning 5 perce


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