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The first string (letters, digits and a single -) is the part id.

The second string is the part description. The double is the part cost. The long is the number of that part currently in inventory. Organize your class so that the four private data members are first. The equals method only depends on the part id - none of the other three fields.

The set and get operations are next, and finally the check functions are last. Define all data used within a function at the start (nothing defined on the fly), do not use the var data type, do not use the property feature, and do use appropriate names especially for the methods and functions.

Turn in the Part class, your "MyFunctions" class (StringToLong and StringToDOuble and corresponding check routines), and a Program that tests a Part object.

Reference no: EM132280910

Write a program to find that number for nguyen.

In some Asian countries, 8 and 6 are considered lucky digits. Any number containing only 8s and 6s is considered lucky number, e.g. 6, 8, 66, 668, 88, 886 .... Nguyen is a stu

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Write a function named longestSortedSequence that accepts an array of integers as a parameter and that returns the length of the longest sorted non-decreasing sequence of in

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objective of this assignment is to use C++ to queue studentsinto an array-based queue for BCS registration. Students have the option of taking five different courses, but ea

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Contrast the way in which syntax errors are treated in compiled languages such as C++ and an interpreted language such as Java. Provide an example to support your response.

Write the code

Write a program that allows an instructor to keep a grade book. Each students has scores for exams, homework assignments, and quizzes.

Using opengl to create a cube

Write a program in C/C++ using OpenGL to create (without using built in function) a cube by implementing translation algorithm by translating along 1. X-axis, 2.Y-axis and 3.

C programme to find the minimum and maximum value

write a c programme to find the minimum and maximum value each elements in each row ,to create table b,having 5 rows and 2 coloums,the first coloum of table b is the maximumva

Create the equivalent of a four function calculator

Create the equivalent of a four function calculator. The program should request the user to enter a number an operator and another number. It should then carry out the specifi


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