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1. David buys a digital camera at a weekend market. When he gets home he decides to sell it at the next weekend market. David sold the digital camera but found out that it had been stolen. As David cannot recall who he sold the digital camera to, the true owner intends to sue David in conversion. Do you think the true owner will succeed? (A) No, David is not guilty of conversion as he did not steal the digital camera. (B) Yes, because David must have realised that it was stolen as it was sold at the weekend market. (C) No, because he did not like the digital camera. (D) No, because the true owner has found the digital camera.

2. Anthony calls Carlo on his mobile phone and represents himself to be Sam, a person whose reputation is well known to Carlo. With the intention of dealing with Sam, Carlo delivers a quantity of goods to a place designated by Anthony who then sells the goods to Domenic. What is the legal position between Anthony, Carlo and Domenic? (A) None as the contract is void as a result of the mistake as to the identity of the other party. (B) Anthony gets title to the goods and is entitled to sell the goods and keep the money from the sale. (C) Carlo is no longer the owner of the goods as he delivered them to Anthony. (D) Domenic, as the buyer of the goods from Anthony, is entitled to the goods and has title and possession.


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