Decide to take out an ordinary interest loan

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You decide to take out an ordinary interest loan of $20,000 at 5%, on a 90 day note.

a) In 45 days you decide to make a payment of $10,000 on the loan. What is your new principal? Explain how you got the answer.

How much did you pay at the end of the loan overall? How does this differ from how much you would have paid overall had you not made a payment of $10,000 after 45 days?

Reference no: EM131228498

Determine the cycle time efficiency of the process

Consider the process model in Fig. 7.14. This model captures a simplified process for handling applications for mortgages. There are two checks involved. CT1 deals with a chec

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__________ calls for the organization and its managers to stress freedom and radical thinking and therefore opens the firm to big changes-or what some call radical innovations

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Just as Christianity linked cultural practices across Europe, Islam connected cultural concerns across the Middle East and Africa. Name two pieces of art or architecture influ

How the systems development life cycle

How the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is used in a HCIT project. What are the different kinds of resource constraints in a major project? How would you go about identi

A top executive claimed that top-level management

A top executive claimed that top-level management   is craft technolgy becuase the work contains intangibles, such as handing personnel, interpreting the environment, and copi

Status of the national health information infrastructure

Research the current status of the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII). Write a one-page paper discussing the current status, any new developments, barriers to i

Communication is right for different types of messages

In the digital age, new channels of communication have developed that simply did not exist a few decades ago. Cell phones, e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter . . . who


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