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Data analysis on Saudi student My research paper will be about data analysis on Saudi students in America. Saudi students are in different level of education in USA. Some of Saudi students are in Bachelor degree, master degree, and PhD. Learn English as a second language is needed before getting any degree. I chose this topic because my professor gave me idea about it and I am one of the students in America. I receive a scholarship to complete my master degree of probability and applied statistics. I want to apply statistics to the king Abdullah program. Many articles and newspapers have data about Saudi students in USA I will use it. I will interview some Saudi families in DeKalb, Illinois. Also, I will get information about my research from Saudi Arabia Culture Mission. “The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM), implements Saudi national educational and training policies to provide our country with qualified individuals capable of achieving the country's goals of progress and development”. King Abdullah program provide scholarships to Saudi students to study abroad in many countries. America is one of the countries where Saudi students have opportunity to study. Also I pick up this topic because I will come up to answer some question. For example, what is the idea and purpose of the scholarship? Who deserves the scholarship? What age and gender are available? What are the required majors? The paper will present some a detailed description of the number of Saudi students in the university, or institute. My thesis will be considered about what gender are more? How does studding abroad effect of their children? I will assume the hypothesis. Then, I will test the collection data. Finally, I will get my conclusions. I hope that my research interests can be useful to my government and I will perform a few of my duties towards my government.

Reference no: EM13144399

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