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Question 1: You are designing a grocery delivery business. Via the internet, your company will offer staples and frozen foods in a large metropolitan area and then deliver them within a customer-defined window of time. You plan to partner with two major food stores in the area. What should your competitive priorities be and what capabilities do you want to develop in your own core and support processes?

Is it possible for a project to have more than one critical path? Discuss the implications of such a situation with respect to each of the following aspects:

a. Project risk

b. Total available slack

c. Resource dependencies

d. Responsibilities of the project manager.

Question 2: A flowchart helps us see all of the steps in a process, which in turn help helps us improve the process. It also helps us identify and eliminate any redundant steps in a process. Using Word tools (SmartArt under the Insert tab), design a process flow chart for the grocery delivery business in Question One 1 above. In the discussion element of your response, clearly define the steps within the process and provide a rationale for eachthat step.

Question 3: From For the grocery delivery business addressed in Question One1, the grocery chains that you are planning to partner with use differing inventory control models. Company A utilizes the Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory control model and Company B uses an Economic Order Quantity model. In reviewing your business plan, the bank loan officer has noticed this. As the loan officer is not overly familiar with either model, a request has been made of you to provide a description of each model and an explanation of why partnering with these companies would or would not create a conflict within your operations. Provide a detailed analysis of the situation in your business model.

Question 4: A Quality Assurance (QA) Program is essential to the success of any business. In establishing your grocery delivery business, what are some of the Quality Control (QC) processes that you envision employing? Why? Provide examples of potential metrics. Justify your choices.

Question 5: Efficiency is a critical element both in terms of individuals and machinery in any business. Describe some efficiency measures that you would implement in your grocery delivery business. What are the analysis tools that you would utilize to determine the effectiveness of these efficiency measures?

Reference no: EM13808164

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