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Operations differ in terms of their volume, variety, variation and visibility (see Diagnostic Question). Critically examine the inter-links and relevance of these four Vs for the operations function of the organisation where you are currently, or were previously, employed.


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In a business organization several activities or operations are performed. Every operation is essential and also varies in nature. It is generally said that operations are differ in terms of their volume, variety, variation and visibility. The purpose of this report is to examine the inter-links and relevance of these four Vs for operations of an organization. I am working in a food store where different food products are sold and also manufactured. I have been working here for past few years. My company also provides importance to these four Vs of operations. Here we will discuss about importance and relevancy of these four actions.
Operation Processes

Operation Processes

In every organization, even in my organization operation processes transform same input, but these are differ in many ways and produce different output for these operation processes. In case of these four Vs following things are considered to be important in a business organization:

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