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Create a procedure in VBA to do the following actions: -Create a linear series of numbers starting at 1 (e.g. 1, 2, 3, ...) -Display a Message Box asking if you'd like to calculate another number (e.g. Do you want another number?) -This Message Box should give the option to click "Yes" or "No" - If the answer is "Yes", then another Message Box should display the value. Then on the active worksheet you should place the header "Values" on cell A1 and start placing the calculated values in descending order on the same column . Repeat this until you have a series from 1 to 15. - If the answer is "No" then display a Message saying "Ciao!" and terminate the procedure. - Generate a series from 1 to 15. Copy your VBA code and paste to this word file, submit it on Ctools

Reference no: EM13106813

Evaluate how the manager fulfils the expectations of role

Managers have the responsibility to oversee and influence the direction of an organization. Their input is critical to an organization’s performance and success. Describe the

Calculate the net cash outflow for new machine

Firm X is considering the replacement of an old machine with one that has a purchase price of $70,000. The current market value of the old machine is $38,000 but the book valu

Discuss globalization strategy-global competitive dynamics

XYZ Company sells clothing and other apparel and it has decided to expand its operations globally, meaning it will examine options to manufacture and sell its products in othe

Which will be completed in two separate components

Students will choose leader/s for the purpose of completing the applied project, which will be completed in two separate components (Mid Term and Final)-see syllabus, each o

Organization needed to conduct a systems analysis

The president of a company, called you and asked you to meet with him. At the meeting he told you that his organization needed to conduct a “systems analysis”, and asked you t

Higher risks associated with services and products

Large damages awards in tort litigation have to be paid by someone. If the defendant is insured, then the insurance companies foot the bill. Ultimately, though, high insurance

Discuss the leadership competencies that sales managers need

Discuss the leadership competencies that sales managers need. Give special attention to coaching principles, mentoring, how to work effectively in teams, and what is expected

What is the difference between a causal model

what is the difference between a causal model and a time-series model? Give an example of when each would be used. What are some of the problems and draw backs of the moving a


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