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Assume you work for a small public relations comapny based in Mobile. One of your personal customer, Ms. Katie Moon, creates original pottery objects in her home based studio just north of town. Ms. Moon is only twenty-four but already a stand-out potter. She has a large local clientele, but most of her sales are Web based. You have already gotten her several local TV spots and a brief segment on the Home and Garden Network. Now, thanks to your efforts, a prominent regional magazine, Southern Artists, plans to run a long article on her work. The writer, Ms, Hoopsie Wells, has already visited her studio along with a photographer. They have taken pictures and done an extensive interview. The article is slated to run December fifteenth (in six weeks).

Some facts:

· You have been at this job for less than a year.

· Ms. Katie Moon is a client you personally recruited.

· You helped Ms. Moon refine her Website.

· Because of her obvious potential, your firm has agreed to take her at a reduced rate.

· This will be the first time you have managed to get a client in this prominent magazine.

· Ms. Hoopsie Wells loved Katie's work and as a result is favorably impressed with you.

The Complication:

A Korean firm based in Seattle has also noticed Katie Moon's work and has made her a substantial offer. They have asked her to move to Seattle, where they will provide her with a studio and all materials. In return they want her to develop a new product line for their company. They will allow her to keep her website and sell her own pottery on the side, but her primary obligation will be to the company. Katie Moon has accepted their offer.

Your Dilemma:

Katie Moon is your favorite client. In a sense, you have hitched your wagon to her star. Your relationship with Southern Artists magazine is also of great importance (and economic value) to you. The article will be a great addition to your portfolio, and after its publication you will be able to tell other clients you got Katie Moon a spot in this prominent magazine. The problem is, with the move to Seattle, Katie will not longer be a Southern Artist. She will retain her web-based business, but she will not longer be based out of Mobile.

Some facts:

· You want desperately for this article to be printed, but you are afraid they may cut the piece if Katie Moon's plans are revealed.

· You want to preserve this important relationship with Ms. Hoopsey Wells and Southern Artists magazine.

· You are aware that Southern Artists has a five week lead time. If you do not contact them before May 5, the article will almost certainly run.

· Katie is not sure how long she will work with the Korean company. It is her intention to keep her options and website open.

· Although she will be living in Seattle, the studio north of Mobile is on her parents' property, and she can return anytime.

· An article in Southern Artists will improve your standing with the firm

The Assignment:

Compose an e-mail memo to your supervisor, Mr. Larry Tate, explaining the situation, the issues involved, and how you intend to proceed.

Compose a formal and dated letter to Ms. Hoopsie Wells (obviously, when you decide to send the letter is important).

Reference no: EM1377885

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