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When searching for sources it is helpful to develop a system of organization. One of the most commonly used methods of organizing sources is to keep an annotated bibliography. Create your own annotated bibliography with the sources you are using for any research paper, Using a topic (Child Support). Your annotated bibliography should include at least 6 scholarly research articles. Each annotation should: • Include a full citation of the source • Summarize the article • Assess the sources claims and explain how the article fits with your research paper

Reference no: EM131234598

Occupational safety and health administration guidelines

Your firm manufactures pesticides for farmers. Your co-worker has noticed multiple times that the boss habitually violates safety protocols while using a particularly noxious

What is the most pressing concern with healthcare delivery

In your opinion, what is the most pressing concern with healthcare delivery in America today? Propose some solutions and future directions which might help with this concern.

Question on research design

What factors are most significant to you in determining the research design? Why do some researchers change their hypotheses after selecting the theoretical framework?

Wage rate an accurate reflection of the value of your time

Suppose you prefer working 40 hours per week to 20 hours, and prefer working 32 hours per week to either 20 or 40 hours. However, you are forced to work either 20 hours or 40

Performance affects the competitiveness of the business

Think of a business you are familiar with and the operational measures we discussed in our first conference call (efficiency, variety, responsiveness, and quality). Select one

How would you have conducted the needs assessment

The Department of Social Services represents a large portion of your county's budget and total number of employees. The job of eligibility technician is responsible for all cl

Onsider an electric part with two components in series

2. Consider an electric part with two components in series (component A and componentB). Component A has a reliability of 88%, while component B has a reliability of 94%. Itis

What are top five activities of public relations department

In what ways do the structure and culture of an organization affect the role and influence of the public relations department? What are the top five activities of a public rel


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